Walking and Casa La Rocca

Most people who stay at Casa La Rocca are keen to spend some time exploring the wonderful countryside on foot. And we love to help our guests get the most they can from the experience.

We have an expert knowledge of the area and its many and varied walking possibilities. We’re pleased to advise on areas and routes and on the best times to go. Maps and guidebooks (not just Stuart’s!) are available to borrow and weather forecasts can be obtained. We can also lend poles, small rucksacks and assorted clothing and equipment if you need them.

If you arrange things in advance, and for a modest fee, we can transport you to the start of your chosen route and pick you up at the end of the day. We can also transport rucksacks from stop to stop if you are on a longer trip, staying overnight en route. And we can book your accommodation too – just let us know.

Stuart, if he is available, is also pleased to guide you. People have found this can be a very rewarding way to access parts of the upland that, perhaps, they might not otherwise feel quite confident enough to do. The rate will vary depending on where, when, how many in the party and the length of the route etc. but, to give an idea, about €150 a day for a group of four. There are some comments from people who have been out with Stuart on the ”Guidebook Updates’ page.

You don’t have to stay with us either if you would like a guided day – just ask if you are interested!